I dance with all my might when I know no one's watching.
    I love Country music.
    My favorite Pandora stations lately are Rascal Flatts, The Avett Brothers, Travis (the band), The Shins, Dave Matthews Band, and Ed Sheeran.
    Outdoorsy activities make me happy. The warm and fuzzy kind of happy :D
    I am a sucker for furry animals and cute old people. No, really. I am.
    I love, love snowboarding. Seriously. Like I REALLY LOVE snowboarding.
    If there were no barriers, I'd travel the world with a suitcase full of lenses and my camera, learn every language I possibly can, and help tell the stories/lives of passionate and inspirational people through my photographs.

Comedians came together last week at an event presented by Fullerton Cares to help children with autism. Fullerton Cares is a local nonprofit that champions programs for children with autism in the Fullerton School District, and was founded by Larry Houser in 2010, shortly after receiving the news that his son, Boyd, had been diagnosed […]

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  • This looks like a really cool event.

What does one say about the wedding of two separately amazing individuals who found each other in 2006, while volunteering at Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times (a camp for children and families affected by childhood cancer), who have since then traveled the world together, and this past weekend, tied the knot and are now […]

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  • Stunning wedding photographs. So many great moments captured here.

I’m a superhero, and my superhero power is freezing time. Well, just kidding. I’m not a real superhero. But I can freeze time. With my camera. But it’s more than just a click of the shutter button. It’s about evoking natural reactions and capturing that precise moment at the right time. Your personalities documented on […]

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  • Stunning photographs. Those children are adorable.