Circus Themed Baby Shower | Huntington Beach Event Photographer

So my awesome friend, Christine, is preggo, and my amazingly talented friends (Amy, Angela and Joy) decided to do a DIY baby shower, circus themed, filled with popcorn, peanuts, etc., etc., and an OMG-to-die-for-cardboard-box-spray-painted-black-and-embellished-with-cardstock Train to hold the holy-cow-fabulously-decorated-and-tasty Animal Cupcakes (like seriously, frosted to look like animals. OH-SO-CUTE!). I know, that was a mouthful, but here’s a sneak peek into the beautiful baby shower :) I love my friends, and am honored to have been a part of the prepping and celebration. Whoo!

DIY Circus Themed Baby Shower,

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