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Sitting at my desk all day drives me just a little crazy. Ok, fine, a LOT crazy.

I’ve always had jobs that required me to be active, to be driving/walking around, visiting multiple locations, and just anything but sitting at my desk all day.
But when I became a photographer, the all the time sitting behind my desk, editing…drove me nuts. I quickly needed to find a solution. And so I did.

1. To have a balance, I chose to photograph different types of photography- from newborns to family lifestyle to styled children portraiture to modern day women beauty/boudoir, to weddings. The different types of photo sessions spread out keeps me on my feet and keeps my love and passion for photography alive.
2. To keep me sane, I am intentional about scheduling my shoots and my editing time with the mindset that I need breaks in between.
3. To keep me inspired and my creative juices flowing, I take time to just pause, breathe, and drive to one of my “Inspiration-Spots.” These locations provide a few things. They allow me to stop and smell the roses, so to speak. Disrupt my weekly routine so I can get recharged. Makes me pause and appreciate the little things things in life. To realize how small I am (in the most beautiful way). And allow me to clear my mind of “the routine” and let inspiration and ideas to just flow through me. I choose the location depending on what I’m needing that week.

Last week was Santa Monica.
So I sat and I walked around the Beach and Pier area, and in awe of just being in a place that has a history.

Like a kid in a candy store, I could not help but carry a big smile being surrounded by the many bright and happy colors on the pier.
I listened to the sound of the waves, of families laughing, of children playing, and I listened to the pauses and the silent moments when there were no talking, realizing in that moment, everyone around me was doing what I was doing- being still and just BEING in the moment. Moments like that make me smile.
I watched parents with the big smiles on their faces, as they watched their kids playing with the sand and running away from oncoming waves. The love of parents for their children and the true joy those kids were experiencing, reminded me exactly WHY I LOVE WHAT I DO- to capture moments like that. To capture their love. To provide images that are timeless and to help them create moments and to make history.
I leaned back and took deep breaths. The smell of the ocean in the air, the wind in my hair, the sand between my toes, the sun in my face…made me appreciate the grandness and beauty of the world.
And as I looked around and out to sea, I realized just how small I am in this world. I am but one tiny grain in this world of vast beauty. And yes, although there are plenty happenings in this world that is not so ideal (horrific, in fact), there are PLENTY that still are- beautiful, grand, amazing, inspirational.

The world is a beautiful place, filled with so many beautiful people (on the inside and out), and so many who are making a difference. My hope and prayer is that when I one day have to leave this world, I can look back and say “Yes, I made a difference.” It doesn’t matter how big or small, but just “Yes, I made a difference.”

So I left Santa Monica feeling recharged and inspired- inspired to continue to appreciate the little things, to stop and “just be” in the moments, to remember the beauty in this world, and to a difference in the world, to make history, even if it’s just adding a little grain of a difference- it’s worth it.

Where’s YOUR place of Inspiration?

Santa Monica Beach and Pier Santa Monica Ferris Wheel Santa Monica Pier

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