Kaelyn and Elliot | Pasadena Children Lifestyle Photographer

An impromptu lifestyle session happened when I was at a newborn session, baby was getting fed, and her sister and cousin were present :)
Kae and Elliot loved showing me their matching vehicles, and I loved how much we all enjoyed keeping each other entertained during baby’s feeding time.
Show me your feet and I’ll…well, I won’t show you mine, but I’ll take pictures of yours :p

Lifestyle sessions are super fun! They take place where you and/or your kiddos are in their element (your home or a favorite location), doing a favorite activity, being yourselves-playing, laughing, interacting-and really just having a ball.
Lifestyle sessions are moments frozen in time and personalities captured.
It’s fun, it’s authentic, it’s a modern and unique approach to portraiture.
It’s artistic and true representation of who you are.

To schedule your family/children lifestyle session, email us at: info@PirouettePhotography.com

1-Pasadena Children Lifestyle Photographer 2-Pasadena Children Lifestyle Photographer 3-Pasadena Children Lifestyle Photography 1-Los Angeles Children Lifestyle Photographer 4-Pasadena Children Lifestyle Photography 3-Pasadena Lifestyle Photographer Pasadena Children Lifestyle Photo 5-Pasadena Lifestyle Photography 6-Pasadena Lifestyle Photography 4-Pasadena Lifestyle Photographer 2-Los Angeles Children Lifestyle Photographer

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