Here’s to a Brand New Year | Pasadena Children and Wedding Photographer

2014 was a difficult year. Our family dealt with the passing of a very dear grandfather, and I spent months in my birthplace (Taiwan) taking care of my grandmother. We made a decision to end our lease on the quaint studio space in the heart of Pasadena. We moved into a new house, and will be turning the downstairs into a home studio. Our marriage went through a very, very rough patch. And much, much more.

Your joyful laughs and happy faces during our photo sessions together, and being able to capture your family’s moments of beauty- that authentic, timeless, fun yet intimate moment shared between you in your interactions- lifted my spirits made my days.

And also through it all, we were supported by friends, family, and our family of clients, you- who showed us patience, understanding, kindness, and poured out your love for us and hugged us through it all. We are humbled by your friendship and are grateful for you.

We’re completely back on our feet and are super stoked for an amazing new year! Happy 2015, everybody! :)
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