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We love quality photo products appreciate being able to present the final artwork to our clients!
After you place an order with us, we work hard in choosing your images, designing and editing in greater detail, and we make sure everything is up to code before we send them to our favorite trusty print labs. And once your orders are in my hands, it’s like opening presents on Christmas morning (minus the shaking before opening).

Digital files are great, and while we’ll also gift you digital files for keepsake, we really believe that having digital files mean having them sit in a drawer unused. We especially love it when our clients send us pictures of their home after they received their orders and creatively displayed them around their home. Or hearing stories of how the grandparents are so in love with the mini accordion books they received of their grandbabies and now carry the accordion books around everywhere to show their friends :)

We love our photo products and really hope you do too!

So we’ve decided that every month or bi-monthly, we’re going to feature one of our most desired products…and every now and then, a surprise to go with it! The surprise could be for old, current or new clients, and it could be anything- from a freebie to a special to…well, you’ll have to check back and see!

Our January/February product feature will be coming soon. Be sure to check back here! :)
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