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There’s something about the texture, smell, taste, and consistency of Praline Macaroons at Whole Foods that encourages addiction.
It’s the subtly sweet smell that is not too overwhelming, the slight hint of praline flavor as the macaroon gets bitten into, the contrast of the crunchy praline bits against the outer macaroon shells, and the smoothness of the creamed layer- that’s like a party exploded in your mouth.

I’m not typically a fan of macaroons, and most definitely would never opt to try praline flavor desserts as a first choice. But the lady behind the counter at Whole Foods recommended it, so I said “ok.”
And then got “addicted,” to say the least.
Oh my, it is delightful!

Would you please, please go have a try and let me know if you enjoyed it, too?

Yesterday, I bought 5 macaroons. Today, I saw a little sign that says if I buy 13, I would save something like $8. So OF COURSE I couldn’t resist. Yes, I bought 13 total today. And yes, I devoured them in no time. Sometimes, I just have no self control when it comes to food…

But you know what makes me psychologically feel better about giving in to my sweet tooth? In the same trip, I’ll also purchase a 24oz green juice :)

The end.

Pasadena Food Photographer Pasadena Food Photography

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