Taiwan Adventure : Part 6 | iPhoneography

I know it’s been a little while, but my Taiwan adventure is not over yet! So here we go again…

頂呱呱, a Taiwanese fast food chain that serves fried chicken. Not just any fried chicken. My favorite fried chicken. It’s black peppery, and oh, seriously so yummy! Well, at least I think so! I’m also a fan of KFC’s spicy fried chicken as well as Albertson’s fried chicken and Church’s fried chicken. So if your taste bud is similar to mine, you might love T.K.K.’s fried chicken too! They also have delicious sweet potato fries and red tea (black tea) slush :D I always manage to at least snack on one chicken leg when I’m back in Taiwan. It’s a food chain, so you can find them in various cities throughout Taiwan. Taipei is probably your safest bet at finding 頂呱呱’s fried chicken goodness.

Also not to be missed, is the Taiwanese meatball (肉圓, pronounced “Ba-wan” in Taiwanese (not to be confused with other Chinese languages like Mandarin or Cantonese, etc.): a sticky gelatinous dough filled with pork, bamboo shoots, shiitake mushrooms (though I pick out my mushrooms. Yikes!), and served with a savory sweet sauce (and I add SPICY sauce on top of it all). Not all 肉圓/Taiwanese meatball places are delicious, though. And although I know of quite a few amazingly delicious Taiwanese meatball places, I’ll just share this one, since it was the one I frequented most during this particular trip (address and telephone number below). But seriously, you cannot go to Taiwan and not eat a really good Taiwanese meatball. That’s always a mission of mine :p
Tel 049-220-5538

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