Taiwan Adventure : Part 7 | iPhoneography

…and in the event you’ve been following along with my Taiwan Adventure from my iPhone…my apologies for the long break. I just have a few more to share :)
Here’s the remaining of my time in Nantou with my grandparents.
From left to right:
Ginormous watermelon (that wasn’t even half of it)!
Best breakfast food truck ever. Seriously.
Grandparents took us to the best black pepper steak on sizzling platter place. YUMMY!!
Taiwanese breakfast omelette (spicy chicken flavored. YES!)!!
Best.Pudding.Ever. The REAL kind of pudding (I am NOT a fan of FLAN).
Taiwanese pork “bao.”
The same breakfast food truck. We literally went there every single morning after taichi with the grandparents (sometimes without the grandparents. Hehe!).
Yes, my grandpa still rides the scooter at 80+. He is awesome! Grandma, too, of course :D
The same pork “bao” (pork and veggies wrapped in flour. Steamed. It’s like a thick bread-dumping.
The inside seating area of the “bao” place. And that’s my sister, in case you mistook it for me. Ha!
Best.Vitamin.Ever. Ok, so the story is that when I was a kid, my mom kept this on top of the refrigerator, thinking I couldn’t reach. She told me it was “candy,” so I would eat it obediently. But she said we could only eat one a day. Yeah, right, like I was going to listen to that after she told me it was “candy.” So quite often, I’d stand on a chair that was just high enough for me to reach the “candy.” And had way more than just ONE. Muahaha. Yeah. The end.
Best.Edamame. Ever. marinaded in garlic, spice and lots of black pepper. Can you tell I love black pepper? You haven’t tasted delicious edamame until you’ve eaten these from the street market :D
Taichi with the grandparents. My favorite ice cream(s) from childhood (and more). I wanted to buy them ALL.
Morning time = reading time.
After dinner time = majong time.
I love my grandparents!!!

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