Taiwan Adventure : Part 8 | iPhoneography

Next Stop: Yuanlin. Well, these images are not all from Yuanlin City. But our cousin from Yuanlin (and his daughter) picked us up from our grandparents’ in Nantou, and took us around the Nantou-Yuanlin vicinities, for the remainder of the day…sightseeing and doing LOTS of EATING!!! Sometimes, I get too excited about food and forget to take pictures until it’s too late (aka already in my stomach). So this post has a major lack of pictures-of-food we ate on this particular day of our adventure. Argh.
First stop: coffee shop, or shall I say coffee mansion?!
Second stop: lunch with the relatives in Yuanlin (home-cooked meal by cousin’s wonderfully and talented wife. She seriously is by far the best cook I know! Her spicy dishes are to die for. I’m not even exaggerating. I need to learn from the master. Heheh!).
Third stop: A stroll around Old Town (and munching on all kinds of snacks).
…And then the rest of the day contained more eating and then….more eating :D

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