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Hooray!! This past weekend was Walk for Kids. Walk for Kids (5K) is a yearly event that benefits Ronald McDonald House Charities of Southern California and Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times!

As some of you may know, I’m a camp counselor for Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times (CRMfGT). It’s a program I truly, super believe in, and that I love, love, LOVE.
You’ve probably heard this a thousand times before, especially if you follow me on social media outlets, but CRMfGT is really a place where magic happens.
It’s a place where new friends are made, life-long friends formed, old friends united, where healing happens, and where a kid can be a kid.
Because often times, when you are robbed of your childhood due to cancer…a little camp magic is needed.

Every kid arrives to camp on day 1 as an individual, and leaves camp as a part of a family.
You can read more about CRMfGT at: www.campronaldmcdonald.org

In preparation for Walk for Kids, us camp counselors formed a team. We decided to bring camp down the mountain by dressing up as “anything camp.”
As a team, we raised over $56,000!! Holy s’mores! That is enough to send MULTIPLE kids to our cost-free, medically supervised camp!!! I’m so proud to say we were the top team with the largest amount fundraised, AND we were the most spirited (because our costumes rocked, yes).

Below are some highlights from the Walk. I hope you enjoy!
…and just in case you were curious…I dressed up as a unicorn…because did you know that a magical unicorn lives up at camp? ;)
My unicorn costume is not shown below…but if you’re really curious, you can head over to Instagram (PirouettePhotog) to take a peek.

01_PirouettePhotography-Pasadena Event Photographer 02_PirouettePhotography-Pasadena Event Photography 03_PirouettePhotography-Pasadena Event Photographer 04_PirouettePhotography-Pasadena Children Photographer 05_PirouettePhotography-Pasadena Event Photographer 06_PirouettePhotography-Pasadena Event Photographer 07_PirouettePhotography-Pasadena Pet Photography 08_PirouettePhotography-Pasadena Pet Photographer 09_PirouettePhotography-Pasadena Child Photographer 10_PirouettePhotography-Pasadena Event Photographer 11_PirouettePhotography-Pasadena Event Photographer 12_PirouettePhotography-Pasadena Event Photographer 13_PirouettePhotography-Pasadena Event Photographer 14_PirouettePhotography-Pasadena Event Photographer 15_PirouettePhotography-Pasadena Event Photographer 16_PirouettePhotography-Pasadena Event Photographer 17_PirouettePhotography-Pasadena Event Photographer 18_PirouettePhotography-Pasadena Event Photographer 19_PirouettePhotography-Pasadena Pet Photographer 20_PirouettePhotography-Los Angeles Event Photographer 21_PirouettePhotography-Pasadena Event Photographer 22_PirouettePhotography-Pasadena Lifestyle Photographer 23_PirouettePhotography-Pasadena Kid Photographer 24_PirouettePhotography-Pasadena Event Photographer 25_PirouettePhotography-Pasadena Event Photographer 26_PirouettePhotography-Pasadena Event Photographer 27_PirouettePhotography-Pasadena Event Photographer 28_PirouettePhotography-Pasadena Event Photographer 29_PirouettePhotography-Pasadena Event Photographer 30_PirouettePhotography-Los Angeles Event Photographer 31_PirouettePhotography-Pasadena Event Photographer 32_PirouettePhotography-Pasadena Event Photographer 33_PirouettePhotography-LA Event Photographer 34_PirouettePhotography-Pasadena Event Photographer 35_PirouettePhotography-Pasadena Event Photographer 36_PirouettePhotography-Pasadena Event Photographer 40_PirouettePhotography-Pasadena Event Photographer 41_PirouettePhotography-Pasadena Event Photographer 42_PirouettePhotography-Pasadena Event Photographer 43_PirouettePhotography-Pasadena Event Photographer 44_PirouettePhotography-Pasadena Event Photographer 45_PirouettePhotography-Pasadena Event Photographer 46_PirouettePhotography-Pasadena Event Photographer 47_PirouettePhotography-Pasadena Event Photographer 48_PirouettePhotography-Pasadena Event Photographer

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  • Emily Camp

    Great shots, Sharkbait. Thanks for posting. See you soon.

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